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SYNCOMSynchronous Communications (Sattelite)
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This comprehensive SWOT profile of Syncom Formulations (India) Ltd provides you an in-depth strategic analysis of the company's businesses and operations.
This portal, scalable, will be a user-friendly platform for sharing of data between participants with Syncom association.
Syncom 3 is like that, but if it had been successfully rocketed up to its lofty duty station from the altitude at which the shuttle deployed it barely four months ago, any repairs at all would have been out of reach.
Score (December 18, 1958), Echo I (August 12, 1960), Courier (October 4, 1960), Testar I (July 10, 1962), Relay I (December 13, 1962), Syncom I .
Contract notice: Development Of Syncom Mapping Portal.
Jones has participated in more than 125 investments during his tenure with Syncom Venture Partners (No.
So did the deployment of LEASAT 3, also known as Syncom IV-3, which was to be leased to the U.
Then the true forerunner of today's satellites, Syncom 2, was placed in the geostationary orbit at 22,300 miles above the equator.
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