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SWARSSyndicate Wars (computer game)
SWARSSolid Waste Annual Reporting System
SWARSSouthwest Associations of Rail Shippers
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But when Dailly and the others saw a competing idea for a game called Syndicate Wars, they scrapped the gang idea.
Enter your name as POOLSLICE in Syndicate Wars on the Pc and when you press Alt T you can teleport your agents.
The three founding members of Mucky Foot include Mike Diskett, former project leader and lead programmer on Syndicate Wars, Guy Simmons, project leader on Creation and Fin McGechie who was the lead artist on Magic Carpet.
It contains elements of Populous, Populous 2, Syndicate, Theme Park, Gene Wars, Magic Carpet, Magic Carpet 2, Syndicate Wars and Theme Hospital.
Navy Fighters 97, NATO Fighters, Space Hulk, Syndicate Wars, Hi-Octane and Magic Carpet.
Navy Fighters, Syndicate Wars, Hi-Octane, and Magic Carpet are trademarks or registered trademarks of Electronic Arts or its wholly-owned subsidiaries.
This is probably the most versatile cheat for Syndicate Wars that we've discovered to date.
Now, Syndicate Wars uses the ultimate in 32-bit graphics to bring the player deeper into a dangerous, futuristic world of corporate warfare.
Created and designed specifically for the Sony PlayStation, Syndicate Wars uses revolutionary new technology pioneered by Bullfrog Productions.
A nine-year-old boy in Glasgow was sent the leaflet plugging the computer game Syndicate Wars through the post.
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