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SNGSylloge Nummorum Graecorum (Latin; British Academy numismatic research project; UK)
SNGSit-N-Go (online poker tournament type)
SNGScottish National Gallery (UK)
SNGSonda Nasogástrica (Spanish: Nasogastric Tube)
SNGSociété Nautique de Génève (French: Geneva Boating Society; Switzerland)
SNGSatellite News Gathering
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SNGSynthetic Natural Gas
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SNGSouthern Natural Gas (Birmingham, AL)
SNGSheyenne National Grassland (Dakota Prairie Grasslands; USFS)
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SNGSeward Neighborhood Group (Minnesota)
SNGSuper Nailgun (gaming)
SNGSub-National Government (political science)
SNGSecured Network Gateway
SNGSociété Nouvelle de Galvanoplastie (French: Society of New Electroplating)
SNGSociété Neuchâteloise de Géographie (French: Neuchâtel Society of Geography; Switzerland)
SNGShinjuku Nihongo Gakkô (Japanese school)
SNGSchlesinger, Newman, Goldman (Montreal accounting firm)
SNGSodruschestwo Nesawissimych Gossudarstw (Russian)
SNGSafety Not Guaranteed
SNGSubstitute/Synthetic Natural Gas
SNGSocial Networking Group
SNGSrpska Nacionalna Garda (Serbian National Guard)
SNGSomalia National Government
SNGSubject-Specific Notability Guideline (Wikimedia Foundation)
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USA Synthetic Fuel Corporation is an environmental energy technology company focused on building ultra clean btu converters designed to enable America's solid hydrocarbon resources to be transformed into low cost synthetic fuel products: transportation fuel (diesel, jet, gasoline), pipeline quality synthetic natural gas (SNG) and hydrogen.
The introduction of new downstream products like LPG Autogas for automobiles, and conversion of heavy commercial diesel vehicles to LPG and synthetic natural gas (SNG) has completely changed the shape of the LPG industry in the country.
The plant is claimed to be the world's first facility for converting renewable electricity and CO2 into a synthetic natural gas that can be fed into the natural gas network on an industrial scale.
56 and heating value of 46250Btu/kg has a different nature than the other fuels can serve multiple application either by extracting energy directly heating or can blend with air at fix ratio to convert into synthetic natural gas which commonly known as LPG air mix depending on the usage, there have been positive development on the growth of LPG application in transportation sector, industrial sector both as backup and peak shaving purpose.
The product gas could also be converted into compressed synthetic natural gas for domestic use.
Topics of the PIP seminar, covered by senior industry officials and Government Officers, included Policy Reforms, Pakistan Business Relationships with Iran and Turkmenistan, Achievements of the E&P Sector, Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG) to Counter Natural Gas Crises and Future Outlook of LNG in Pakistan.
The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission already has endorsed a controversial plan for the state to purchase all of the synthetic natural gas produced by the facility.
NEPIC is also working with companies to bring forward the manufacture of more renewable products such as bio methanol, bio-MTBE and Bio Synthetic Natural Gas (SNG).
This agreement positions Linc Energy at the forefront of exciting new UCG opportunities for a wide selection of downstream applications, including power generation, Synthetic Natural Gas or liquid (diesel) fuels production in the UK.
Dakota Gasification is unique in the United States in its endeavor to gasify coal and convert it to synthetic natural gas, and relies on these bacterial populations for their ability to degrade the organic contaminates found in the wastewater produced in the process.
The government is working on a proposal to initiate project '100 MMCFD synthetic natural gas (SNG)' a product of LPG air mix with the objective of suppling it to Pakistan Electric Power Company (Pepco) and Karachi Electric supply Corporation (KESC) at Bin Qasim to overcome peak load shedding, especially during winter.
United Airlines A United Airlines Airbus A319 completed a Friday test flight using a blended synthetic natural gas fuel in one of its two engines.
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