T-AKEAuxiliary Cargo (K) and Ammunition (E) Ship, MSC Manned (naval ship type)
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Those improvements spilled over to the T-AKE, which under-went a redesign process from 2006 to 2009.
NASSCO is currently building four T-AKE ships for the Navy and three product carriers for U.
Naturally, given the Steel Vessel Index's greater relative weighting of the iron and steel price index, it has been more volatile than the DDG-51 or T-AKE indexes.
Although the Navy did not set specific crew reduction goals for the T-AKE cargo ship, it made some use of human systems integration principles and expects to require a somewhat smaller crew than similar legacy ships.
The shipyard delivered its ninth T-AKE ship on February 24 and is currently building the tenth through the twelfth ship of the class.
Navy, as T-AKE 14 joins a distinguished tradition of NASSCO-built ships supporting the U.
The Marines are asking for each MPFF squadron to be made up of 14 ships: two LHA(R) general purpose amphibious assault ships, one LHD multipurpose amphibious assault ship, three large medium-speed roll-on/roll-off ships, three modified T-AKE dry cargo and ammunition logistics ships, three mobile landing platforms as well as two T-AK sealift ships from the current pre-positioning forces.
As an auxiliary support ship, T-AKE will directly contribute to the Navy's forward presence.
The E-wedge is the perfect complement to the existing stanchion program that is currently being deployed in the T-AKE fleet of ships.
Through the T-AKE Program, NASSCO has produced 14 "Lewis and Clark" class dry cargo/ammunition ships.
The T-AKE will replace aging, single-mission ships such as Kilauea-class ammunition ships and Mars- and Sirius-class combat stores ships that are nearing the end of their service lives.
USNS Cesar Chavez is the final ship of a class of 14 T-AKE dry cargo-ammunition ships for the Navy.