T-BERDT-1 Bit Error Rate Detector
T-BERDTime Bearing Elevation Range Doppler
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com/909ee-XXX Agilent Technologies N4391A Optical Modulation Analyzer 183 Anritsu MD1230B Data Quality Analyzer 184 Digital Lightwave Network Information Computer 185 EXFO PSO-100 Optical Sampling Oscilloscope 186 Fluke Networks SimpliFiber Optical Loss Test Kits 187 GL Communications Ultra OC-3/STM-1 PCI card 188 JDSU T-BERD 8000 Scalable Optical Test Platform 189 OptiConcepts FiberWarrior OTDR 190
Acterna, the leader in test and management solutions for consumer and business broadband communications, today announced the release of the all-in-one Transport Module for its T-BERD and MTS-8000 platforms.
The Module also continues the heritage of the T-BERD and MTS-8000 product line as the industry's most compact and cost-effective solution for optical network testing by combining test capability for 1.
Berg added, "The addition of the Transport Module to the T-BERD and MTS-8000 platforms illustrates the powerful scalability that these platforms provide, enabling existing customers to deploy new revenue-generating services by leveraging their existing T-BERD and MTS-8000 solutions.
Additional highlights of the new HST-3000 include: qualifying the copper pair for HDSL or T1 with the full array of standard copper measurements including wideband loss and noise, DVOM, TDR, balance, and load coil detection; evaluating the performance of the HDSL circuit using the HST's VT100 option to extract, analyze and store HDSL performance data including margin and attenuation; verifying the T1 service with standard T-BERD BER testing; lowering repeat rates and improving efficiency with automated close out and scripted pass/fail tests; laptop/PC integration via Ethernet and serial connections provide easy results transfer; and rugged weather resistant design ideally suited for field use.
Previously, he was division president for TTC's T-BERD family of test instruments.
New enhancements to Acterna's T-BERD 310 include AutoMATE, a hand-held PC that allows automatic setup and electronic capture of test results.
TTC is known for its T-BERD and FIREBERD analyzers, CENTEST centralized test systems and TPI handheld instruments.
TTC, T-BERD, FIREBERD and CENTEST are registered trademarks of TTC, a division of Dynatech, LLC.