T-BOSTransportable Blackhawk Operations Simulator (US DoD)
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The T-BOS is a high fidelity Blackhawk simulator that trains the Mexican Navys UH-60M Blackhawk aviators in all skill sets needed to complete their missions safely in the new UH-60M Blackhawk helicopters.
The flight characteristics of the UH-60M T-BOS are identical to those of the UH-60M helicopter, and the visual solution provides highly detailed realism resulting in a flight experience as close to actual flight as can be achieved in simulation, said LeAnn Ridgeway, vice president and general manager of Simulation and Training Solutions.
This specific T-BOS is the third of its kind with enhanced offerings that include an improved glass front projection display to provide visual portrayal of the landscape with high resolution collimated, depth perception, and the latest generation Rockwell Collins image generator with a highly detailed geo-specific database of the areas around Veracruz and Mexico City.
The Bahrain T-BOS is the second foreign sale of the Rockwell Collins developed T-BOS system.