T-CONTTraffic Container
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A] (bandwidth that is available for a given T-CONT on demand; this bandwidth is guaranteed)
AB] (type of additional bandwidth that a given T-CONT is eligible to get, can have the following values: none--no additional bandwidth, NA--non-assured bandwidth, BE--best-effort bandwidth)
the most appropriate T-CONT type should be selected to carry considered traffic flows.
A single GEM Port can be encapsulated into only one T-CONT, however a single T-CONT may encapsulate multiple GEM ports.
The considered action type provides two actions: Map to GEM Port action which represents an operation of mapping Ethernet frames to particular GEM Port instance and Map to T-CONT action which represents an operation of mapping GEM Ports to particular T-CONT instance.
Map to GEM Port and Map to T-CONT that correspond to the operation of mapping user traffic flows (packets) to GPON-related traffic entities