T-DSLTelekom-Digital Subscriber Line (Deutsche Telekom)
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The implementation of our solutions will give Deutsche Telekom a technology platform on which to offer intelligent automated services to its T-DSL customers and employees, and increase the overall efficiency of its customer service.
business areas, such as T-DSL, continued just as successfully as the
MUNICH, Germany -- Tiscali Germany and QSC AG (Neuer Markt: QSC), Germany's leading alternative DSL provider, have signed a sales partnership agreement under which Tiscali will use QSC's fast DSL-network in addition to T-DSL.
SHDSL-based system complements the already existing and working ADSL infrastructure of Deutsche Telekom's T-DSL network.
It is a leading provider of high-speed digital access lines, with more than 16 million marketed ISDN channels, and new T-DSL services that will be available in 90 percent of Germany by the end of 2001.
The ERX-1400 provides broadband access to the IP network and functions as a Broadband Remote Access Server (BRAS) for Deutsche Telekom's T-DSL product.