T-PSAtissue concentration of prostate specific antigen
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1]-antichymotrypsin; CAP, prostate cancer; and F/T, ratio of F-PSA to T-PSA.
T-PSA Sample Original Measured Recovery, % F1 (a) 0 8.
The ENZYMUN assays for F-PSA and T-PSA were performed with an ES 600 automatic analyzer from Roche Diagnostics GmbH as described by the supplier.
2, the PSA released from the complex was recognized in the ENZYMUN assays for F-PSA as well as for T-PSA.
3 in the presence of ethanolamine, the F-PSA value is close to the T-PSA value of 1890 [micro]g/L.
The T-PSA values measured as F-PSA after treatment correlated very well with the values determined in the ENZYMUN assay for T-PSA (r = 0.
b) Other PSA-serpin complexes, which are also present in human sera (4, 6) but represent <5% of T-PSA (30), might not be cleaved by the treatment.
2] macroglobulin present in serum does not seem to release PSA under the cleavage conditions because otherwise the PSA values after ethanolamine treatment should be higher than the T-PSA values of the untreated sera.
Whether the ratio of F-PSA to T-PSA determined by this method might somewhat improve the differentiation between BPH and CaP compared with the determination of the ratio using two different types of assays is uncertain and needs to be analyzed in larger panels of BPH and CaP sera.