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T-REXTransportation Expansion Project (metro Denver highway project)
T-REXTerrain-Induced Rotor Experiment
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We are happy to award a deserving product like VTech's Switch & Go Dinos Turbo T-Rex Launcher," saidDawn Matheson, Executive Director, Mom's Choice Awards.
It's the first super-gigantic T-rex relative discovered in quite a long time.
Hughes will be producing 10 of the T-Rex iPhone 4s, which are going for about 62,700 dollars.
If You Give a T-Rex a Bone" was a fun and educational book to read.
The award of licences by the Norwegian government for Bolan, T-Rex and Butch Cassidy backs Centrica's decision to open a Norwegian office in Stavanger last year.
When you're not shooting dinosaurs and large centipedes, you're dodging a brontosaurus herd or an angry T-Rex.
The SumiTurn T-REX triangle insert from Sumitomo Electric feature six contoured cutting edges for rigid clamping within the turning system, and to provide accurate insert indexing.
A programme insider says: 'No other biopic offers this unique view into the real T-Rex behind Steven Spielberg's monstrous portrayal in Jurassic Park.
Following its two-week trip into outer space with `Ziggy Stardust,' the Late Nite Film Series at the Bijou Art Cinemas stays in a glam orbit this weekend with `The Best of MusikLaden Double Feature,' featuring T-Rex and Roxy Music.
Together Robbie and his new companions struggle against the Terrible Ones, a vicious group of meat eating dinosaurs led by the feared T-Rex Tyra.
It was there in the way morns and dads exhibited endless patience as their tots slid down the waterslides of the T-Rex Kids' Pool for the 87th time.