T-COMTelecommunications (College Course)
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Univision said that its board is confident that it will be able to enter into an agreement to dispose of its interest in T-Com shortly.
Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, a provider of Next Generation (NG) telecomms solutions, announced today (9 March) that it has successfully completed the first phase of its fibre-to-the-home network deployment project for Slovak Telekom's business brand T-COM, a subsidiary of Deutche Telekom.
T-Com will buy capacity from Ericsson as part of an ongoing managed services contract, the company added.
The trial of Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) technology provides broadband services to around 100 T-Com customers who could not previously be reached by DSL services.
El anterior conglomerado estatal de telecomunicaciones DT ahora quiere fusionar las unidades T-Com y T-Onlineen un segmento de negocio estrategico comun llamado "Broadband/Fixline.
The contract will enable T-Com to upgrade its optical network and offer higher speed services.
Ericsson's Multihaul WDM solution reportedly enables T-Com, the broadband/fixed network business unit of Deutsche Telekom, to meet increasing broadband demand by delivering efficient, high-speed data, storage, video and voice services with high bandwidth utilisation and quality of services.
The company said most of the reductions would be at the fixed-line unit, T-Com, and there would be no compulsory redundancies before 2008
Deutsche Telekom's fixed-network unit, T-Com, and telecomms technology company, Marconi, have struck a deal to develop a 40Gb/s high capacity optical network.
T-Mobile, the mobile daughter of T-Com (DT's fixed wire business), and the T-Systems branded business service unit, T-Online, were once DT's fourth ranking business areas.
NORDIC BUSINESS REPORT-13 March 2006-Nokia and T-Com to pilot integrated dual-mode telephony in Germany(C)1994-2006 M2 COMMUNICATIONS LTD http://www.
T-Com - the fixed-network unit of Deutsche Telekom - is to use West Midland-based Marconi Corporation's Multihaul 3000 platform as the first building block of Europe's first 40Gbit/sec, high-capacity optical network.