T-netTraining Net (US DoD)
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t-net will introduce WeRoam in two stages -- roaming between WLAN networks will be launched initially, followed by roaming between GSM/GPRS/UMTS and WLAN networks (inter-standard roaming).
The enabling infrastructure includes WAIN software and a signaling gateway developed and supported by Transat, Performance Technologies and t-net.
t-net will hold demonstrations of its WeRoam's core service at the Comfone stand No.
The WeRoam product is provided by t-net, a company owned by Togewa Holding.
The authentication, authorization, encryption, billing, mobility and management, first enabled by the WeRoam service of t-net, are all GSM-compliant, making communication seamless.
By working closely with technology leader Transat and service provider t-net, Performance Technologies is once again demonstrating its ability to offer enhanced SS7/IP applications that make our signaling gateway products even more attractive in the wireless marketplace," said Reg Cable, vice president of marketing at Performance Technologies.
The WeRoam service is provided by t-net, owned by Togewa Holding.
Nasdaq:ASND), a leader in wide area network (WAN) and Intelligent Network (IN) solutions for providers and users of the next-generation public network, today announced that Deutsche Telekom AG, Europe's largest Carrier, will provide customers implementing enterprise wide-area telecommunications using the T-Net ATM Service, with Ascend's SA Broadband Access products, which will be implemented at customer sites.
With this access equipment even smaller and medium companies will be able to use our high quality T-Net ATM service.
Deutsche Telekom, Europe's largest telecommunications company and the world's third largest network operator, plans to offer voice/fax mail throughout its nationwide T-Net wireline network.
Knut Dethlefsen, Project Manager, T-Net Box at Deutsche Telekom, said, "Comverse has an unparalleled reputation for system reliability and capacity, and superior service creation tools.