T188thymine at 188 base pairs
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Amino acid differences among H5 hemagglutinins (HA1) Clade 3 Clade 2 Clade 1' Clade 1 N45 * D D D S84 N N N A86 A A V N94 D D D (1) N124 D S S S129 S L L L138 Q Q Q S155 -- N155 -- T156 ([double dagger]) A A T L175 L L L (2) T188 T T T (3) K189 R R K E212 K K R S223 -- N223 ([section]) -(4) T263 A A T 325R ([paragraph]) Absent -- -- Clade 3 H3 No.
This contradicted the published sequence of the CYP2D6*14 allele, which contains the T188 mutation.
ASA PCR and direct sequencing of this ~10-kb template confirmed T188, supporting the presence of the *10X2 gene duplication allele (data not shown).