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T2000Transport 2000 (Canadian lobby group)
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Kenworth, a manufacturer of medium and heavy-duty Class 8 trucks, is recalling 2010 T2000, T800, T660 and W900S trucks.
LSI Corporation (NYSE:LSI), a developer of silicon-based technologies, announced on 23 September the LSI Tarari T2000 series of content processing solutions for high-speed network applications.
The [Sun Fire] T2000 and T1000 that I tested both met or exceeded what Sun's data sheet says they consume.
The CoolThreads systems demonstrated superior performance and energy efficiency, prompting Joyent to begin the move away from their Intel x86 servers from Dell to Sun Fire T1000 and T2000 systems running the Solaris 10 OS.
The big breakthrough in the heavy truck arena came in 1996 with the Kenworth T2000 18-wheeler, which had 14 exterior components ofP-DCPD varying in size from an 80-lb roof fairing to smaller parts of 10 to 15 lb each.
The six Squadron 2000 vessels involved comprise two Hamina (R2000) FAC-Ms and four T2000 class air cushion missile craft.
Kenworth's aerodynamic T2000 model uses the material in 14 parts, including the sun visor, chassis fairings (forward, mid, and rear), lower bumper, cab side extenders (upper and lower), and roof fairing.
The T2000 touts a body so smooth that it produces the lowest drag coefficient of any of its earlier models.
TNN's first dramatic series, 18 Wheels of Justice, features a metallic blue seven-and-a-half-ton Kenworth T2000 truck, bubbly as a Camry, driven, intriguingly, by a man in hiding.
As the characters in the book point out, Tarmack looks and acts like a black version of the evil, liquid-metal T2000 from the popular movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1992).
The standards and curriculum are almost identical, says District Internship Coordinator Paul Stewart, though the industry partners are different: dealers for AYES and nondealer repair and body shops for T2000.
Through this partnership, customers can access a full range of services including test hardware design and production, test program development and access to Advantest's leading V93000 and T2000 series test platforms, through migration to a full volume production line".