T2AThiophene-2-Acetate (microbiology)
T2ATotal Terrain Avionics
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Activite, productivite et qualite des soins des hopitaux avant et apres la T2A [?
The T2A (2009: 27) further advocates that "youthfulness" should be a "mitigating factor" when dealing with this age group, with assessments carried out by the probation service before young adults face a criminal trial.
The T2A peptide is posttranslationally cleaved, releasing native ZF [gamma]1 and the fluorescent DsRed reporter in equal molar concentrations (Prabhudesai et al.
The Barrow Cadbury Trust (2005) recommends that 'maturity' be taken into account when sanctioning young adults; while, the T2A (2009:27) further advocates that 'youthfulness' should be a 'mitigating factor' when dealing with this age group.
The cystic lesion was hypointense on T1A sequences and hyperintense on T1 and T2A images, but was not suppressed on fat suppression sequences, which was compatible with cardiac hydatid cyst (Fig.
Three out of four young adults leaving prison are reconvicted within a year, stated the T2A report.
ATTN: Megan Wolfinger AltaLink 2611 3rd Ave SE Calgary AB, T2A 7W7
The oxide layers formed on the surface of T2, T2A, T4B and T6 grades after 15 min and 5 h has exhibited high resistance to scratching and grinding and are highlighted by hatch in Fig.
The stock is heavy, with a broad fore-end and T2A adjustable cheekpiece with Terry Cross hardware.
Kraniyal MRG ve MR spektroskopi (cerrahi oncesi): Sagda temporal lob medial kesiminde amigdala/uncus-parahippokampal girus lokalizasyonunda ekspansiyon olusturan, T1A'da izointens, T2A ve FLAIR'de hiperintens olan, kontrast madde tutmayan 26x24x19 mm boyutlarinda yer kaplayan kitte lezyonu izlenmistir.
Abdominal ultrasonografide karaciger ile sag bobrek ust polu arasinda solid kitle lezyonu saptanmasi uzerine cekilen abdominal manyetik rezonans goruntuleme (MRG) tetkikinde sag surrenal inferior kesiminde, surrenal gdnidesinden kaynaklanan T1A sekanslarda hipointens, T2A sekanslarda hiperintens gdrunumlu 51x46x43 mm boyutunda kitle saptanmistir (Resim 4).
Amplification by PCR with T1B and T2A primers and sequencing of a 338-bp amplified fragment of the 12S rRNA gene of the ticks were performed as described (6).