T2SETime to Shoot the Engineer :-)
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According to Yanagawa et al (23) the numbers of lesions detected by T2GE were statistically greater than that detected by T2SE which is in accordance to our findings to show the effectiveness of this modality in evaluating clinical signs while Scheid et al declared no relation between time interval of trauma and MR imaging and the number of micro bleeds in T2 weighed MRI (7) our study claimed the importance of T2GE after three month of TBI in addition to others showing its importance in acute TBI patients in less than 26 days (24) which is also impressed in other studies to demonstrate its role in identifying old hemorrhagic lesions (6).
Table 1: The frequency (%) of lesions in different sequences MRI sequence 1-3 lesions 4-6 lesions >7 lesions T2SE 5 (16.
The system uses the TPF scripting tool, T2SE (Turbo TPF Scripting Engine), which was previously developed by Datalex's TPF consulting division in conjunction with KLM.