T42Tea for Two
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6 (other and unspecified narcotics)]); T42 (poisoning by antiepileptic, sedative-hypnotic and antiparkinsonism drugs, including T42.
First things first, readers need to understand what T42 means.
1) show the 200 most intense, in terms of the T42 vorticity, winter cyclone tracks with maximum intensity in the North Atlantic (70[degrees]-10[degrees]W, 30[degrees]-90[degrees]N), which are used in this paper.
Undeterred, Whitehead turned to the 200m T42 athletics event, a drastic change of pace but one that did little to subdue his Paralympic dream as he collected a gold medal after running a world record time of 24:38 seconds.
The double above-the-knee amputee, who started out with the marathon before taking to the 200m because there was no marathon in his T42 class at the Paralympics.
For the analysis of total count of viable cells, an aliquot of 1 mL was taken from the final formulation at the times T0, T14, T28, T42, T56 and T70, followed by serial dilution (in peptone water--Himedia) and seeded in De Man-Rogosa-Sharpe agar (MRS--Himedia).
Hannah Cockcroft, who won double gold in the T34 100m and 200m TOP: The spectacular scene at the Paralympic Games closing ceremony in the Olympic Stadium RIGHT: Hannah Cockcroft wins the T34 200m BELOW: Richard Whitehead is triumphant in the T42 200m BELOW RIGHT: Great Britain's Aaron Phipps sees the USA's Will Groulx go flying during a typically action-packed wheelchair rugby encounter ?
RICHARD WHITEHEAD, 36 T42 2OOm COMETH the hour, cometh the man.
Partially-sighted Sam's brother Joe earlier just fell short of a bronze in the Under 100kg class, BLADE STUNNER to The Olympic roar returned as double leg London yesterday won a amputee Richard Whitehead thrilling gold for Britain in the 200m T42 final.
On the athletics track, GB's Richard Whitehead blasted through the field in the final 50m to win gold in the T42 200m.
Mickey Bushell is among the favourites for gold in the men''s T53 200m and Richard Whitehead has high hopes of success in the men''s T42 100m final, all amongst many sports happening tonight.
38 seconds to win the T42 category title by a huge margin.