T4CThe Fourth Coming (computer game)
T4CTerminate for Convenience (government contracting)
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current T4C regime, demonstrating how that regime drives unnecessarily
arguments for and against the current T4C regime, arguing that neither
The institution offers T4C three times per year and follows NIC's guidelines of having 25 or fewer inmates per session by keeping the classes between 12 and 15 offenders each.
The administrative staff at Lawrenceville wanted to know if T4C was having an impact on the criminogenic needs of the inmates, specifically in their criminal thinking.
Cost-Share Contractor Does Not Share Costs Under Standard T4C Clause
Notification of Board's Conversion of T4D to T4C Starts the Termination Settlement Proposal Clock
She most recently served as a member of the T4C Task Force, making recommendations to meet the DOC Community Corrections' VARI Objective.
Implied-in-Fact Contract Doesn't Always Contain Implied T4C Clause
Services Offered As an "Inseparable Whole" Can Be Separated In Partial T4C
T4C was developed by the National Institute for Corrections and is an evidence-based, cognitive change program that teaches offenders social skill development, problem-solving skills and cognitive restructuring.
ASBCA: Conversion of T4D to T4C Entitles Contractor To EAJA Fees
The T4C Clause: A Clause with "Ancient Lineage," A Clause Not Easily Ignored