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TAASTribunal des Affaires de Sécurité Sociale (French: Court of Social Security Affairs)
TAASTexas Assessment of Academic Skills
TAASThese Arms Are Snakes (band)
TAASTransactions on Autonomous and Adaptive Systems (Association for Computing Machinery)
TAASTransportation as a Service
TAASTraining as a Service (software)
TAASTools as a Service (Citrix)
TAASThe Albuquerque Astronomical Society
TAASTranslation as a Service
TAASTechnology as a Service (utility computing)
TAASTax Administration Advisory Services
TAASTerminal Advanced Automation System
TAASTrunk Answer from Any Station
TAASTriangle Area Anime Society (Raleigh, North Carolina)
TAASTarget Auxiliary/Augmentation Systems
TAASTactical Air Armament Study
TAASTools and Algorithms Access Services
TAASTianjin Academy of Agricultural Sciences (China)
TAASTangible Asset Advisory Services
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The focus of TAAS remains on ensuring it is run as efficiently as possible to fund the growing demand for our life-saving services.
DNS and TAAS are the variables used to measure the identified underlying cognitive processes of rapid naming and phonological processing, respectively.
There is no significant difference in student performance on the mathematics section of the TAAS by academic status, learning styles, ethnicity, gender, and the interaction effect of academic status and learning styles.
The GED, a high-school-equivalency test, allows students to evade TAAS, and it removes them from the official graduation scorecard.
TAAS reading, mathematics, and writing exam scores were used to examine the performance of all students in general.
Perhaps more damaging for Bush, the study faults the TAAS itself as contributing to the higher drop-out rate; the test, Haney explains, actually "encourag[es] schools to get rid of low-achieving students.
Finally, the court found "no credible evidence" for the claim that the TAAS requirement causes large numbers of minority students to drop out of school.
Canutillo Elementary Principal, Hector Giron, maintains that in addition to a lot of hard work and dedication on behalf of the teachers at the school, "The remarkable improvement in our TAAS scores is due to Accelerated Reader for Spanish/English, and the implementation of Reading Renaissance techniques.
In 1994, barely half of all Texas students passed the TAAS math exam.
TAAS includes the Warwickshire and Northamptonshire service and the children's air ambulance.
Now that TAAS have been flying for a while, data are starting to come in about their real safety record.
The nice thing about TAAS is that everyone seems pretty open," Cook chimes in.