TAASCThe Adaptive Adventure Sports Coalition (Columbus, OH)
TAASCThe American Adventure Service Corps (est. 1996)
TAASCThe Analysis and Solutions Company (New York, NY)
TAASCTinker Advisory Assistance Services Contract (US Air Force)
TAASCTraining Aids Support Center
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Nevertheless, why reinvent the "traditional double entry accounting" wheel when TAASC and Intuit have provided such a wonderful solution.
The TAASC award provides HEBCO with increased opportunities to assist OC-ALC and Tinker AFB in support of vital national defense initiatives," said Bryan Billingsley, HEBCO president.
The addition of TAASC is consistent with our long-term growth strategy," said Bennett.
TAASC will provide all its employees, including those who accept jobs with Intuit, at least 60 days of salary.
The company's guidance for fiscal 2001 assumed completion of the TAASC acquisition during the second half of fiscal 2001.
Juan Ramon Rodriguez, TAASC director and CEO, noted that the association with Syspro will now enable his company to meet the ever-growing demand in Nuevo Leon for ERP software and associated support.
According to Victor Silva, TAASC director and partner, "We found IMPACT to offer features that are not even available with the more highly touted ERP software packages.
TAASC is an eight year old firm employing 10 engineers, all of whom have or are in the process of acquiring APICS certification.