TABDTransatlantic Business Dialogue
TABDTax Agents' Board (Australia)
TABDTherapeutic Area Business Development (McLean, VA)
TABDThe Argument by Design (web design; UK)
TABDTotal Arterial Baroreceptor Denervation
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36) In 1997, TABD issued a priorities paper noting "several sectors consider completion of a [MRA] package to be a key demonstration of the effectiveness of the TABD process.
129) Business leaders, through TABD, have also called for the negotiation and addition to the U.
In extending the invitation, a TABD representative called on the executives to "help create new solutions to remaining transatlantic as well as global trade barriers.
The TABD has cited standards and certification requirements as "one of the most significant barriers to increased transatlantic trade.
For the TABD, see History and Mission, Trans-Atlantic Business Council, http://www.
The TABD is an official interlocutor between businesses, the European Commission and the US administration.
It is essential for both the climate and global economic recovery for such rights to be protected, insists the TABD president, who sees technology transfer as it is emerging in the future international agreement as a threat to industry.
Other than the co-chairs, the members of this group would not have to agree to join the TLD on a regular basis but would work closely with other standing committee members, the TEC, and the two other advisory partners, the TABD and the TACD.
41) TABD rapidly became an independent voice, identifying areas of concern and coordinating pressure on officials to set time tables for the signature and implementation of mutual recognition agreements.
The TABD noted that it had played a role in preparing the TEC agenda.
At the conference, the TABD unveiled ten recommendations to boost EU-US collaboration on innovation policy.