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TABITarot Association of the British Isles (est. 2001; UK)
TABITailorable Advanced Blanket Insulation (Georgia Institute of Technology)
TABITop Secret and Below Interoperability
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Tabi ki bahsedilen oran en alt duzeyi temsil etmekte, daha yuksek oranlarin varligi esitsizligi gidermekte onemli adimlarin atilmasina firsat taniyacak niteliktedir.
Esos hechos se divulgaron masivamente, y ante la intervencion de las organizaciones de derechos humanos y la presion politica local e internacional el alcalde Tabi renuncio.
Ornegin, kadinlardaki rastlantisal BHK'lerin daha dusuk evreli ve daha iyi prognozlu oldugunu ve bu durumun kadinlarin erkeklere gore daha kapsamli saglik taramasina tabi tutulmasindan kaynaklandigini bildiren Beisland ve ark.
0) assembled from found objects or vintage clothes (1989); white-washed garments, especially Tabi Boots, whose surfaces inevitably crack (1990); the tension between a garment's finished and unfinished components (1990-91); scraggly white stitches hooking sleeves to sweater bodices resulting from oversized Barbie patterns (1994-95), a fascination with optical illusions and trompe-l'oeil prints (1996); the brand label numbered 0 to @3 (1997), the over-sized wrapped clothes (2000); and "replicas" of classic garments (tuxedos, trench coats, white shirts and blue jeans, since 2003).
A collection of three novellas, it portrays travelers unable to find a "void" (Tawada, Ekusophonii: Bokokugo no soto e deru tabi, 2003), a unique space of his or her own shaped by the two cultures involved.
Qinku insanin cevresiyle iliskilerini ele alan bu tur bilimlerde/disiplinlerde gozleme tabi tutulan nesne analizin belli bolumlerinde ozne olabilmektedir.
Dr Zsuzsanna Tabi, from the School of Medicine at Cardiff University, will use the grant from the British Lung Foundation's June Hancock Mesothelioma Research Fund, to investigate the possibility of developing immune therapy for mesothelioma using the patient's own immune cells to attack the tumour cells.
On this second trip, we learned of the possibility of staying at Hacienda Tabi, and upon our return to Jackson, we were able to contact the Fundacion Cultural Yucatan (Yucatan Cultural Foundation), a non-profit organization that owns and is restoring Hacienda Tabi as an educational center, to make arrangements to bring a group of students to live and work at Hacienda Tabi the following June.
Contton Ginny which owned total of 205 stores would continue to operate its profitable Tabi International stores.
I believe he has attained greatness a number of times--in Araki's Tokyo Erotomania Diary, and in Sentimental na Tabi/Fuyu no Tabi (Sentimental journey/winter journey, 1991), which he calls his "purest" book, a deeply moving record of his honeymoon with his wife, Yoko, in 1971, and then of her death from cancer in 1990.
It will be the first time that the Boomerang brand is available in Japan, and marks the introduction of two brand new services: MONDO Mah-jong TV and Tabi Tele.