TABPITrade Association and Business Publications International
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TABPI is a worldwide organization dedicated to bringing together editors working for English-language publications worldwide, and encourage a common dedication to editorial ethics and excellence.
Best's Review magazine has won a total of 11 awards from TABPI since 2005.
The TABPI annual competition attracted 700 entries from around the world.
Dealernews is the 2007 Advanstar Communications Magazine of the Year, and a winner of Folio: and TABPI editorial and design awards.
This marks the third year in a row that the publication has been recognized by TABPI.
The official Call for Entries is available at the TABPI website, www.
organizations during the first half of this year including the ASBPE National and Regional Awards, the TABPI (Tabbie) Awards, the Neal Awards, Maggie Awards and Media Industry Newsletter (Min) Best of Web award.