TACDTrans Atlantic Consumer Dialogue
TACDThe American Complaint Department
TACDToronto Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
TACDTennessee Association of Conservation Districts
TACDTelephone Area Code Directory
TACDTactical Deception
TACDTactical Air Control Defense
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Blackmer believes that the broader FAQs that accompany the safe harbor provisions are what TACD is worried about, fearing that the EU is "giving away the store," by no insisting on an absolute right to see what personal data is stored by an organization.
The TACD is trying to mirror the work of the Trans Atlantic Business Dialogue (TABD), which was established to keep governments on both sides of the Atlantic informed of areas where American and European industry agree there are unnecessary impediments to trade between the two regions.
The EU and the US were urged by the TACD to share more information on product safety, to assess if they have adequate product recall powers and to ensure that the big manufacturing nations like China and India were complying with safety standards.
In the TACD working groups, there were calls for trans fats to be banned from food products and for products made from cloned animals or their offspring to be labelled if the marketing of such products is ever authorised.
CONSUMER DIALOGUE, ABOUT TACD (on file with Law & Contemp.
The TACD and TAEC consist of non-governmental organizations from both sides of the Atlantic.
Regarding food safety, the TACD continues to urge the governments of the EU and the US to adopt comprehensive mandatory labelling, including labelling of derivatives, and mandatory pre-market safety testing and approval systems for genetically-modified food.
The TACD slams the current practice of mixing traditional food with GM foodstuffs as this affects choice.
The TACD points out that the EU Directive on data protection treats privacy as a matter of legal right with a system of enforcement by public authorities whereas under the US safe harbour proposal, privacy is treated more as a matter for negotiation and enforcement is largely left to industry self-regulation.
The TACD said the EU and the US Administration denied consumer and environmental leaders from both sides of the Atlantic access to the Bonn Summit "in a symbolic show of favouritism towards business interests.
The TACD itself called on governments to require mandatory labelling of all genetically-engineered foods and ingredients based on complete traceability of GM0s throughout the entire production, processing and distribution chain.