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TACITTransition and Coexistence Including Testing
TacITTactical Information Technology (US Navy)
TACITTheory and Applications of Continuous Interaction Techniques (software engineering; EU project)
TACITTime Authenticated Cryptographic Identity Transmission
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The court found the substantial compliance and tacit consent doctrines did not waive or supplant the signature requirement "contained in the Code, the regulations, and almost a century of caselaw.
So, explicit and tacit KS practices help to integrate the scattered knowledge to enhance the creativity and innovation which results better firms' performance (Gao et al.
Tacit knowledge spreading in an organization can be considered as the spreading and evolution of this knowledge in a specific knowledge network.
Tacit to Explicit: When an experienced researcher enters notations during experimental design and utilizes concepts learned from prior experiences, explicit knowledge is created from tacit knowledge.
In many studies on tacit knowledge it has been shown that tacit knowledge can be used to distinguish efficiently between high and low levels of successful job performance (Sternberg et al.
Those who compromise and get into tacit deals with the BJP and never categorically state in public that they will never align with the BJP are equally communal," Ramesh said.
The purpose of this paper is to investigate students' attitudes towards career in tourism and to indicate the implications of these attitudes for tacit knowledge management.
The field of knowledge management takes a broader view of knowledge, including subjective information, experience, and tacit understanding.
Furthermore, I argue that an integration of tacit and explicit knowledge provides for a holistic view of knowledge that would not be possible if one were to view knowledge in reductively scientific terms.
Further the influence of tacit knowledge and time on innovation projects is also investigated as these are posited as elements influencing effectuation theory.
This personal human capital, or the tacit knowledge that individuals possess, is often viewed as being inseparable, or difficult-to-separate from the people that possess it.