TACOM-RITank-Automotive and Armaments Command - Rock Island Arsenal (US Army)
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If you have questions about this, contact TACOM-RI at DSN 793-0722, (309) 782-0722, or email: @us.
If you have a local TACOM-RI logistics assistance representative (LAR), contact him for help on what forms you need to fill out and for shipping instructions for your XM107.
Once TACOM-RI receives the PQDR, they will send instructions for replacing the bad racks.
If you have M2 questions, contact TACOM-RI at DSN 793-2108, (309) 7821054, or email: walter.
Units that do not have the new guns should contract the TACOM-RI headshed to get them.
To clear up confusion, TACOM-RI is adding these steps to the quarterly inspection of the receiver that begins in WP 0010 on Page 00-23.