TACONTactical Control
TACONTactical Construction
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11) NATO TACON is the detailed and, usually, local direction and control of movements or maneuvers necessary to accomplish missions or tasks assigned.
13) TACON is the authority over forces limited to the detailed direction and control of movements or maneuvers within the operational area necessary to accomplish missions or tasks assigned.
Therefore, OPCON/TACON is retained by the JFACC instead of the DIRMOBFOR because the DIRMOBFOR can only exercise TACON over the air mobility forces when it is delegated.
Jumper exercised TACON of air mobility forces through Colonel Bishop.
The COMALF was a commander who exercised OPCON and TACON over strategic and theater airlift forces.
Besides COCOM, CCDRs exercise OPCON or TACON over assigned and attached forces through subordinate commanders to accomplish specific missions.
As a CCDR, a GCC exercises COCOM over assigned forces and OPCON or TACON over attached forces.
Transient forces do not come under the chain of command of a JFC solely by their movement across boundaries except when a CCDR is exercising TACON for force protection.
For more than 10 years, JFACCs have taken TACON of the other components' air sorties to incorporate them into a seamless air campaign.
An air-component JSRC that tries to assume TACON of non-JFACC forces for PR is frequently unaware of the overall campaign and of the impact its action will have on the surface fight.
In this arrangement, the JFC has reduced his direct span of control to three elements by delegating TACON of the MEU to a BCT.
Contrary to popular opinion, the distinguishing difference between OPCON and TACON is not the authority to internally organize--it is much more.