TADPTécnicas Avanzadas de Programación
TADPTirupur Area Development Programme
TADPTactical Air Direction Post
TADPTechnology Assessment Development Plan
TADPTechnology Assessment and Development Program
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Upon coming to Toronto he contacted TADP, who told him that the organization did not directly handle military cases but could "refer you to another party," and they did.
According to Bill Spira, this cautious, even "cloak and dagger" approach to deserters by TADP was simply a response to concerns "about the public image of the Toronto Anti-Draft Programme and of donations etc.
From the perspective of AMEX editor and deserter Jack Colhoun, TADP was being overly cautious and apolitical to a dangerous degree.
Because of Red, White, and Black's association with TADP, writer T.
Groups such as TADP, UAE, and Red, White, and Black served as halfway houses by linking resisters to communities of interest in Toronto with connections to the counterculture, campus life, and other alternative scenes and institutions into which they could integrate.
74) The Hall afforded expatriate Americans a greater degree of social contact, communal space, and support than TADP was willing or able to provide.
It was anticipated that the website information would not always be current, would sometimes be unclear and require further interpretation, would exclude regulations under discussion or undergoing legislative approval, and would offer limited insight into boards" general views regarding the legitimacy and future of TADP.
For TADC and TADS separately, we then asked them (a) to describe additional regulations (if any) that were not currently displayed on the website, (b) to describe new regulations (if any) that had been approved by the board but that had not yet been enacted into law, (c) to describe new regulations (if any) that were currently under consideration by the board, and (d) to elaborate generally on the board's expressed views regarding the legitimacy of TADP and the degree to which it has or will become a priority for board consideration.
Descriptive analysis involved assigning participants' boards to one of five groups: (a) those with formal regulations in effect, (b) those with regulations not yet in effect but in some stage of formal development, (c) those with regulations under discussion but not yet in the formal development stage, (d) those prohibiting TADP altogether, and (e) those for whom issues of TADP had not been discussed.
6), wherein we reviewed the website and interview data for words and phrases that distinctly related to TADP and labeled them according to their expressed meaning or emphasis.
The current extent of TADP regulation is summarized in Table 1.
Conceptual analysis of published regulations and telephone interviews with board administrators nationwide found that boards agreed generally on seven aspects of TADP that need to be regulated.