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TAEKTurkiye Atom Enerjisi Kurumu (Turkish Atomic Energy Commission)
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On October 13, 2011 the TAEK transferred to AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC the valid site license; in November 2013 it approved the updated BasiOu Site Report prepared by AKKUYU NUCLEAR JSC under the Site License applicable to the Akkuyu NPP construction of the installed capacity of 4,800MW.
TAEK suspects that the device was dismantled and the parts sold off.
TAEK had established in its own 2007 report that the plant smelted nuclear rods containing europium, normally used in nuclear power plants.
Scientists also complain that over the past few months they have been left in the dark about the latest decision to repeal Turkey's full membership application, accusing TAEK of not being transparent or cooperative.
It added, TAEK experts will also look for evidence on the Israeli forces
Radikal reported that TAEK had examined the site of the factory in 2007.
The timing of this mission was important as TAEK is engaged in its regulatory review of the licensing documentation, said Shin Morita, Head of the IAEAs External Events Safety Section.
Radikal reported that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an has forwarded the letter to TAEK.
The TAEK is currently seeking regulatory approval to restart the reactor using LEU fuel.
More specifically, the purpose is to enhance competence and capabilities within TAEK in regulating the safety of nuclear power plants in the following areas: deterministic and probabilistic safety analyses, manufacturing and construction inspections and the management system of the regulatory body.
Once radiation is detected on any merchandise, TAEK officials will be dispatched to investigate at the relevant customs facilities, and the item in question will be returned to whence it came if it poses a threat to human health and the environment," he said, adding, however, that so far no radiation has been detected on products imported from Japan.
TAEK aims at making exports from the facility in the long term.