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TAELThe Architects Enterprise Ltd. (Chicago, IL)
TAELThermoforming Applications Engineering Laboratory
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Considering the arguments thus far, it is perhaps surprising that the particle ega has consistently been characterized as a negative question word in Estonian grammars (Metslang 1981 : 27; Sang 1983 : 142; Erelt, Kasik, Metslang, Rajandi, Ross, Saari, Tael, Vare 1995 : 168, 112).
In 1897, new foreign loans needed to pay the 1895 Japanese indemnity created an annual central government deficit of about 20 million taels, or about 20 percent of the Qing government budget.
Affixal adverbs combine with verbs to create so-called particle verbs (Erelt, Kasik, Metslang, Rajandi, Ross, Saari, Tael, Vare 1993 : 21) and thus differ grammatically from adpositions which form adpositional phrases together with their NP complements and have the grammatical function as adverbials.
74-M Vietnamese Dong (VND) (US$2,289) per tael (1 tael equal to 1.
The value of the tael in Britisch currency is given as 4 to 5 shillings for this period (Lamb, 1960, p.
Ahlia University student Tael Al Alaiwat told the GDN on the sidelines of the event that the MUN was a valuable experience.
Dr Kaja Tael, the Estonian ambassador to the UK, was guest speaker at a CBI Senior Executive lunch hosted by SHG Group at Birmingham Botanical Gardens yesterday.
Craig Steinberg of Van Nuys (290), Don Baker of Canoga Park and Travis Matye of Lancaster (both 296) and Edward Tael of Sherman Oaks (311) were the other area players to make the cut in the 72-hole competition that is the second-longest continuously run amateur tournament in the nation.
Alan Bailey, who ran Tael of Silver (ninth) from stall 14, added: "They missed it at first until they saw the re-run on TV.
A salesman misled the purchaser to believe that the American ginseng was priced per catty, and it was later revealed to be priced per tael.
One of them is worth a great sum there, for some jars are valued at, and sold for, two thousand taels at the rate of eleven reales per tael.