TAETTexas Association for Educational Technology
TAETTechnology Applications in Education and Training (Netherlands)
TAETTelematics Applications in Education and Training (University of Twente; Netherlands)
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TAET plans to cooperate with local companies later on, targeting a sales volume of USD 400 million by the fiscal year 2017.
Baseline characteristics of the patients TAET Patient Sex Race Age (years) NT ENMG 1 F W 61 12 Yes (2) MM 2 F W 37 1 Yes (1) PNP 3 F W 61 9 Yes (2) PNP 4 F W 58 3 Yes (1) CTS 5 M W 55 2 Yes (1) MN + PNP 6 M A 39 10 Yes (3) MN + PNP 7 M W 43 9 Yes (3) PNP M: Male, F: Female, W: White, A: Afro-American; TAET: time after the end of treatment, PNP: Polyneuropathy, MN: mononeuropathy, MM: Multiple Mononeuropathy; CTS: carpal tunnel syndrome; NT: nerve thickness; ENMG: electroneuromyography.
78) On the Establishment of Panels' with Exclusive Jurisdiction over Serious Criminal Offenses, TAET Reg.