TAFTAThailand-Australia Free Trade Agreement
TAFTAThe Australian Forum for Textile Arts (est. 1974)
TAFTAThe Association for the Aged (Durban, South Africa)
TAFTATrans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement
TAFTATransatlantic Free Trade Association (proposal to merge NAFTA and the EU)
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Regrettably, Kingsgate has now reached a position where it believes that the only option to resolve the situation is to exercise its rights as a protected Australian investor under TAFTA.
In a book at the time, I cited analysis by my own Economic Strategy Institute estimating that a TAFTA would boost U.
Even the AFL-CIO is said to back the idea of a TAFTA agreement.
On an abstract level, the idea of a TAFTA is not without charm: Both the United States and the European Union have entered into economic partnership agreements with the whole world, but not with each other, a somewhat strange situation given the common economic interests in many areas.
Robert Zoellick: The idea of a TAFTA has come up for discussion over the years.
Under TAFTA, Australia has gained opportunities in a range of sectors including agribusiness, processed food, steel, auto components and pharmaceuticals.
In total, Images of Canadianness: Visions on Canada's Politics, Culture, Economics reflects debates about issues arising from the constitutional discords between French and English Canada and the near victory of the separatist faction in Quebec, to concerns regarding the challenges and threats posed by the globalizing forces of NAFTA, TAFTA, and WTO, and the creation of a new territory in the North.
There was to be no TAFTA to complement NAFTA, however: only a renewed political gesture in the form of the 1995 New Transatlantic Agenda (NTA).
However, List would approve of the European Union, and he would no doubt be an ardent advocate of the economic merger of the United States and Canada with the EU in a TAFTA (Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Association), complete with a minimum wage and a social charter.
Another factor that looms in the horizon is the possible creation of some sort of trade association between NAFTA and the European Union in what could one day become the Transatlantic Free Trade Association, TAFTA.
As a first step, Kingsgate has today notified the Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Thailand that it wishes to engage in consultations as required under TAFTA.