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TAHTotal Artificial Heart
TAHTake A Hike
TAHTake A Hint
TAHTrust for America's Health
TAHTemperature Alarm High
TAHTrading After Hours (stock exchange)
TAHTarget Area Hazard
TAHTrack and Hold
TAHTotal Abdominal Hysterectomy
TAHTough As Hell
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Pittsburgh, PA) placement on day 17 of admission which remained in place until implantation of a SynCardia TAH on day 21 of admission.
But if, as seems more likely, comparative analysis shows that students in districts that have been awarded TAH grants - especially those that have received multiple grants - do significantly better on the national history test than those from other districts, then funding for the Teaching American History grant program ought not only to be reinstated, it ought to be increased substantially and the teaching and learning models that have emerged from the program ought to be applied in other subject areas where student achievement fails to meet reasonable expectations.
The TAH group showed an improvement in one aspect of sexual function and reported less back pain at 9 years, while two participants in the SCH group had experienced bleeding from the cervical stump and another underwent trachelectomy for persistent cervical dysplasia.
Among the TAH projects that have and are continuing to innovate in the area of American history are ones that incorporate historic preservation into their programs.
TAH in 2009 was also investing $300m in upgrading the Mombasa refinery, which served the entire East African market with fuels.
com)-- TAH, a niche Business Intelligence Consultancy, recently invited business leaders to a series of Business Intelligence Round Tables.
The Rockford Public School system is in its last year of a fiscal year 2004 TAH grant.
In 1988, NHLBI officials suspended funding for TAH research and decided to concentrate instead on the "ventricular assist device" (VAD), a mechanical pump that helps the heart's lower chambers function despite damage from a heart attack or other ailment.
The new TAH will be an important advance over current heart replacement devices.
The TAH is manufactured by SynCardia and is the first and only total artificial heart approved by the FDA, Health Canada and CE (Europe).
Originally used as a permanent replacement heart, the SynCardia TAH received FDA approval in 2004 as a bridge to transplant for transplant-eligible patients dying from end-stage biventricular heart failure.