TAICTianjin Automotive Industry Corporation
TAICTransport Accident Investigation Commission
TAICTechnology Associates International Corporation (Carlsbad, CA)
TAICThe Arab Investment Company (est. 1974)
TAICTokyo Atomic Industrial Consortium
TAICTianjin Automotive Industry Corporation (est. 1982; China)
TAICTri Allyl Isocyanurate
TAICTesting and Auditing of Internal Controls
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The material is radiation crosslinkable due to the modification of 3 wt% with TAIC crosslinking agent.
In 1999, the TAIC began an immunization education program aimed at parents of newborns at Tulsa's St.
TAIC is a Pan-Arab joint-stock company established in July 1974 and owned
The Bahrain branch acts as a wholesale bank that aims to invest TAIC financial surpluses in order to enhance its project equity investments by generating additional income for reinvestment in Arab economies.
This appointment will ensure TAICs board continues to have the mix of skills and experience it needs, Mr Bridges says.
TAIC (triallyl isocyanurate) compounds have the best combination of good hot tear, low scorch and low compression set.
Just a small amount of the bridging additives resulted in a slight increase in the thermal stability [12], The cross-linking mechanism of PLA and TAIC can be seen in Fig.
Founded in July, 1974, with an authorized capital of USD 800 million and a paid-up capital of USD 700 million, the Riyadh-based TAIC is owned by governments of 17 Arab states including the State of Kuwait.
The following herberia were helpful in providing access to their collections: CC Museum, PINS, TAC and TAIC.
The proprietary TAIC process creates a thin film of large grain polysilicon by crystallizing amorphous silicon.
global financial crisis, according to a statement issued by TAIC here.
TAIC PART; testing; academic and industrial conference--practice and research techniques; proceedings.