TAIPTrimble ASCII Interface Protocol
TAIPTaiwan Independence Party
TAIPTreatment Alternatives to Incarceration Program
TAIPTerminal Area Improvement Program (San José, CA)
TAIPTransportes Aéreos da Índia Portuguesa
TAIPThin Film Analog Image Processor
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Airmen currently serving an unaccompanied tour of 12 or 15 months, who have been assigned in Turkey for more than 30 days, may elect TAIP if they extend their date of estimated return from overseas, an additional 24 months past their current DEROS.
They will receive TAIP beginning the date they arrive.
For eligibility criteria, application procedures and guidance on TAIP, visit myPers.
We believe that the TAIP's temporary mission has been completed and we do not feel compelled and are not willing to stay in a TAIP whose usefulness is weakening by the day,'' they said.
They said they hoped TAIP would dissolve to join forces with the new government, but said they would respect it if other party members want to keep the party alive.
The news conference was disrupted several times by party members who are opposed to dissolving TAIP.