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TALARTactical Landing Radar
TALARTactical Landing Approach Radar
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7) The literature regarding the prognosis of talar OCLs is equally limited.
Data obtained from bones were analysed for patterns of talar articulating facets and were compared with those of previous studies.
Items include talar head palpation, curves above and below the lateral malleoli, calcaneal angle, talonavicular bulge, medial longitudinal arch, and forefoot-to-rearfoot alignment (19, 20).
Tibio Talar Joint Posterior Tibia on Talus (Ankle Tug)
Talar Nina's show-stopping jackets are currently available in Egypt through the online-shopping website, Coterique.
El gobierno acaba de anunciar que va a talar 10 mil hectareas de bosque del Nevado.
8] There is a paucity of morphometric data of the human tali in South Indian population, and this study will be helpful to surgeons for surgical interventions during the treatment of talar neck fractures caused by trauma, in designing talar body prostheses, and in aligning the bones in the treatment of congenital talipes equinovarus (CTEV) or club foot.
To do this research, the statistics and information of Mazandaran province regional water which are extracted from different stations of Talar basin are used together with the information of Roudposht well GWL.
Tsotsobe went under the knife on Wednesday to alleviate a right ankle posterior talar impingement syndrome, which has been affecting him for the last 18 months.
Finally the route selected is: Gwadar- Talar Pass (102 km), to Turbat (62 km), to Hoshab (84 km), to Panjgur (155 km), to Besima (220 km), to Surab (91 km) and to Mastung (187 km).
A student facilitator guided the discussion among the guest expert panel, which included Andrew Wilson, vice president of foundation relations at Conservation International; Talar Sahsuvaroglu, environmental specialist; Stefan Gsanger, secretary general of World Wind Energy Association; and QFI Youth Ambassador, Nasser bin Marzook.
The neck of the talus extends anteriorly and slightly inferiorly from the body of the talus toward the talar head, which articulates with the navicular.