TALCETanker Airlift Control Element (US DoD)
TALCETactical Airlift Control Element
TALCETheater Airlift Control Element (less common)
TALCETransportable Airlift Control Element (phased out in 1988-89)
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Unknown to me they began an inspection of airfield operations and talked with the TALCE operations officer.
I expected to be in contact with the arriving TALCE as soon as they were on the ground and setting up.
Units should practice air loading their equipment, preferable with an available TALCE unit.
The assessment team and the TALCE provided the throughput velocity and essential mobility expertise to the combined force air component commander (director of mobility forces) and Transportation Command (Air Mobility Command [AMC]).
Author's interview with Lt Col Norcross, USAF, TALCE commander, Dec 00.