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TALFTerm Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility (US government)
TALFThe Amy Listen Foundation (California)
TALFThornton Alumni Legacy Fund (Harvey, IL)
TALFTrip Advisor London Forum
TALFTraining of Adult Literacy Facilitators
TALFTake A Look! Foundation
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In recent years, there have been demands for development of high heat resistant materials as power devices have higher density, become more compact and have higher output, TALF can contribute to improve heat resistance temperature of packages.
Although interested observers concerned about the health of the small business sector and job creation should hope for robust levels of lending to creditworthy small firms, the experiences of both the TALF and the SBLF reinforce the underlying fact that one cannot force more credit transactions to occur when the demand component simply is not there, regardless of how you manipulate credit supply.
By promoting the new issue and trading of structured credit, TALF aimed to reduce uncertainty to issuers about their funding costs, making it more attractive to originate new loans.
We study how this role was disrupted during the crisis, and we argue that TALF successfully helped reestablish the ABS markets and the credit supply.
In mid-August 2009, the Federal Reserve System and Department of the Treasury announced a six-month extension of TALF, prompted by worries over the meltdown in commercial real estate.
Support federal programs, such as TALF and PPIP, that seek to address the liquidity crisis and facilitate private market activity.
Paramax Capital Partners has decided to launch of a new investment management initiative focused on the attractive investment opportunities offered by the US Treasury's TALF (Term Asset-Backed Securities Loan Facility) program and other related government asset and liquidity programs.
The TALF (Term Asset Backed Securities Loan Facility) enables the Fed to purchase up to $1 trillion in securitized debt, an unprecedented move that substantially increases the future risk of inflation.
oThe TALF is designed to catalyse the securitisation markets by providing financing to investors to support their purchases of certain AAA-rated asset-backed securities,o the Fed and Treasury Department said in a joint statement.
TALF is a critical element in doing that," said Darryl Hairston, acting SBA administrator.
The loans in the TALF are nonrecourse, that is, the banks can walk away from them.