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TALISTeaching and Learning International Survey
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The contract, amounting to SR 150,856,600, was awarded to Talis International Saudi Arabia.
Over time, the Brackla Industrial Estate site began making products for the water industry and, after a couple of changes in ownership, was bought by Talis in 2010.
Dr Masood Badri, head of Adec's Research and Performance Management Unit, said that TALIS provides teachers and principals with a unique opportunity to provide their input into education analysis and policy development in key policy areas.
ISLAMABAD, August 03, 2011 (Frontier Star): National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) is busy in providing to relief to Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) affectees in village Talis, district Ghanche of Gilgit-Baltistan, said a representative of NDMA on Tuesday.
The project, after completion, would electrify Hushay, Khanay, Kanday, and Talis villages, he said.
In village Talis of Ghanche district, 13 people were hit by landslides.
7-million) contract with the French company Talis to build the operation and communications systems.
Experienced mentors from established companies such as Paypal, Dennis Publishing, Majestic 12 and Talis were on hand to ensure projects were supported with robust business plans.
RIGA -- "Our greatest aim would be to gain, among those 100 people, the deputies in the parliament, such that everyone is really dedicated to the State, works in society's interests, with no corruption among the deputies," says Talis Tisenkopfs, head of the sociology department at the University of Latvia and board member of the newly-established group, the non-political 'Meierovics Society for progressive change.
says Makhoul, who along with Bahaa Talis, has been instrumental in converting the garden into a venue for screening films.
IT'S ALL WHITE: The Talis sofa is great in a white room WHITE AND PRACTICAL: A white floor looks great.
Paul Miller, semantic web evangelist for library systems supplier Talis, says: "Semantic web has a lot of academic baggage but 2008 has seen a lot of things come together.