TAMCOtheater Army movement control center (US DoD)
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TAMCO is a telecommunications and technology leasing company offering OPEX and traditional financing options that empower partners to present a comprehensive solution to their clients.
TAMCO is one of Taiwan's leading AMCs with capital totaling over NT$17 billion or US$531.
Without the full-year effects of TAMCO and the fourth-quarter non-operating items highlighted above, the Company's performance in 2010 was in the range forecasted at the beginning of the year.
Frontier Communications Corporation (NYSE: FTR) announced today it is partnering with TAMCO (Telecommunications Asset Management Company), an independent financial solutions provider, to create Frontier Financial Solutions.
The Company further announced the completion of the previously-disclosed divestiture of its partial ownership of TAMCO, a steel mini mill.
On September 15, 2010, the Company announced an agreement to sell its 50% ownership of TAMCO to Gerdau Ameristeel US Inc.
also agreed to sell the remaining 50% interest in TAMCO to Gerdau for an additional $82.
Finance Offering()Provides New Options for LifeSize Customers via TAMCO
Overall, improvements by Fiberglass-Composite Pipe and TAMCO, the Company's 50%-owned steel mini mill in Southern California, were offset by declines of the other construction-related businesses, which continued to be affected by cyclically weak markets.
Sales of TAMCO (the Company's 50%-owned mini mill in Southern California) increased slightly in 2010, compared to 2009, primarily due to accelerated purchases by customers anticipating pricing increases associated with higher scrap metal costs.
Given the low level of demand, TAMCO will continue to control costs and operate its plant intermittently as incoming orders and inventory levels warrant.
Through Windstream Financial Services powered by TAMCO, business customers will now be able to acquire a unified communications solution through a single provider with no capital outlay.