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TAMESTThe Academy of Medicine, Engineering and Science of Texas
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But that fear of fanning the flames and inciting anger among the crowd meant that, on the field, this was arguably one of the tamest match-ups between the teams in living memory.
The London club had taken just one point from 10 going into a game that ended in a seventh straight loss, as Exiles trio Craig Fitzgibbon, Willie Manu and Mark O'Meley, and England wing Tom Briscoe, were given the tamest tests of their fitness levels.
Chelsea even had the luxury of seeing Frank Lampard miss the tamest of first-half penalties but the day ended in personal disappointment for the player as he limped off after the break.
The Goddess in Love with a Horse: And What Happened Next" is the story of when culture shock is by far the tamest thing encountered.
Trying to stop such a fate would require unwavering scrutiny in the tamest of political environments, and is impossible, some argue, in today's Congo.
Choose a few statement pieces from Pink Paisley, a UK fashion jewellery brand that has the power to transform even the tamest little black dress into a knockout look.
Even in their earliest, tamest incarnations, comics provoked starchy rebukes from the guardians of culture.
The tamest of her personal dreams are ignored, struck down and belittled.
Those were his tamest comments about the local populace.
Mom Nell (``A History of Violence's'' Maria Bello, in the tamest role of her career) loves her children, handles her husband and stays out of any potential father/children fracases.
That's Updike's tamest dig at Beth, who wastes her days languishing in a La-Z-Boy (which Updike describes, like everything else, in such detail that the book reads like a guidebook for Martians) sucking down oatmeal cookies and soap operas.