TAPACTerminal Attachment Program Advisory Committee
TAPACTraverse Area Pediatric and Adolescent Clinic (Traverse City, MI)
TAPACTransAtlantic Precision Agriculture Consortium
TAPACTape Automatic Positioning and Control
TAPACThe Auckland Performing Arts Centre at Western Springs (New Zealand)
TAPACTransportation, Allocations, Priorities, And Controls
TAPACTeam America Political Action Committee
TAPACTurkish American Public Affairs Committee
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But, most importantly, the TAPAC program provided the participating students with a deep appreciation of cultures, life-long friendships, and the confidence that they can live, work, and contribute to a global society.
Thank you for enabling me to be a part of the incredible TAPAC program.
A baseline for its use has also been proposed, namely, in the TAPAC recommendations.
What are the proposed elements of the TAPAC framework?
TAPAC urged adoption of a framework with six elements to regulate pattern-based data mining.
The TAPAC proposals and accompanying report provide a thoughtful response to the privacy dangers of data mining.
The TAPAC recommendation calls for authorization from the FISC before the government engages in pattern-based data mining that involves personal data concerning U.
115) TAPAC also called for a panel of external advisors to assist in creating appropriate oversight of data mining activities.
2004) [hereinafter TAPAC REPORT], available at http://www.
The TAPAC report goes on to say that "DARPA stumbled badly in its handling of TIA, for which the agency has paid a significant price in terms of its credibility in Congress and with the public.
These public-relations missteps aside, the TAPAC report maintains that data mining is "a vital tool in the fight against terrorism," and the study offers a dozen ways to make future programs more acceptable.