TAPMThe Air Pollution Model (CSIRO air quality prediction software)
TAPMTexas Academy of Palliative Medicine (Rockdale, TX)
TAPMTissue-Associated Pulmonary Macrophage
TAPMTaser Anti-Personnel Munition (non-lethal land mine)
TAPMTechnical Assistance Project Manager
TAPMTechnology Application Program Management
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2014) explored the factors that might influence the results of the introduction of new technology to an existing virtual group resulting in the TAPM (see Figure 1).
Once the TAPM had been identified through qualitative research, the next step was to test the model quantitatively.
This study tested a previous model, the TAPM (Olson et al.
This study quantitatively tested the TAPM defined in a qualitative study Olson et al.
TAPM samples were individually ground and then passed through an Endecott 1.
After the TAPM samples were extracted for 160h, the supernatant from the reaction vessel was centrifuged at 9000G for 7min to remove any non-dissolved particles present in the system; 200mL of supernatant was then transferred into a new reaction vessel together with sufficient mass of either kaolinite or goethite to make 100-[m.
TAPM produced at 150[degrees]C remained intact (micrograph a) regardless of oxidised or reducing environments.
Further, that the center of the UHI appeared in the county was confirmed from observations of surface air temperature and TAPM simulations of vertical air flow for the strongest UHI phenomenon.
Year-long, high-resolution, urban airshed modelling: Verification of TAPM predictions of smog and particles in Melbourne, Australia.
As well as its regulatory applications, TAPM has been used to assess photochemical smog in cities and haze in countries such as Malaysia.
Ayers says that as the results from two sites are not enough to determine pollution sources directly, TAPM has been useful in identifying the various sources of the haze, whether they are smoke, traffic emissions or meteorological factors.
Physick says the development of packages such as TAPM will give scientists the tools to track and further understand atmospheric pollution.