TASRTlacova Agentura Slovenskej Republiky (News Agency of the Slovak Republic)
TASRThreat Advisory System Response (American Society for Industrial Security)
TASRTerminal Airport Surveillance Radar
TASRTactical Automated Situational Receiver
TASRTelecommunication Assessment Survey Report
TASRTLS (Translocation Liposarcoma)-Associated SR (Serine-Argenine) Protein
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As a result, the deputy speakers of the parliament were forced to announce a short break several times, TASR reported.
Digitization of archives TASR - delivery services, technologies, software and hardware.
TASR said the injured have been taken to nearby hospitals for treatment and several have serious injuries.
The TASR Guideline is divided into four major sections, which correspond to threat levels.
Slovaks need to know for their own safety whether the Government's Office "ignored" the information or SIS "is lying", Matovi added, as reported by TASR.
Regarding its confidentiality, SIS considers it undesirable to discuss this information in public," Zvara said, as quoted by TASR.
We're intensively busy with the most probable version concerning citizens of Italian nationality," he said, as quoted by TASR, adding that no further details can be provided for the time being.
We've managed to go from figures below 40 percent to above 40 percent," he said, as quoted by TASR.
My guess is that TASR can't wait to sing a little Auld Lang Syne when Father Time passes through, as the shares have been bullied lower by their 10-week and 20-week moving averages throughout 2005.
Prague ended up 28th and Bratislava 45th, TASR wrote.
Of course, I'm glad," Mojzis said shortly after emerging from the courtroom, as cited by TASR.
Another cross-country skiing track, 8 kilometres long, has appeared in the city of Poprad, next to the cycling path and near the used-car mart, on the way to Svit, TASR wrote.