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TASSCTorture Abolition and Survivors Support Coalition
TASSCThe Advancement of Sound Science Coalition
TASSCThe Advancement of Sound Science Center (est. 1993; formerly Advancement of Sound Science Coalition)
TASSCTennessee Alumni and Students for Sustainable Campuses (est. 2006)
TASSCTeachers and Students for School Civility
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The provision operates retrospectively: Natural Forests Pty Ltd v Turner (2004) 13 Tas R 44; Quarmby v Keating [2007] TASSC 65 (23 August 2007).
And so it is that "mistakes" will continue within the framework of our militaristic society and TASSC will continue to demand that those who torture, no matter what the reason, face prosecution.
I like to think of TASSC as an organization of hope.
One of the things that has restored my faith in God and humanity is that among the members of TASSC none has ever wished torture on his or her torturers.
The TASSC team will carry out a whole range of activities to decrease alcohol and drug related crime.
People going for a night out in Swansea can be reassured that the TASSC team will be working hard to keep crime down in pubs and clubs and on the streets this Christmas.
TASSC has about 900 members, 375 of whom are scientists.
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