TASTTake a Stitch Tuesday (embroidery)
TASTCarrols Restaurant Group, Inc. (stock symbol)
TASTTOEFL Academic Speaking Test
TASTThai Academy of Science and Technology (Bangkok, Thailand)
TASTTourism Association of Southwest Tennessee
TASTThreaded Algebraic Space-Time
TASTThrombolysis and Acute Stroke Therapy
TASTTechnical Assistance and Support Team (various organizations)
TASTTrademark Application Assistant (image retrieval system)
TASTTaiwanese Association of Students at Tufts (Tufts University; Medford, MA)
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We made necessary changes to our TAST program which enables to select user groups and calculate trust values with confidence probability.
The sophisticated TAST software can obtain the collected data in real time and make assessments of popularity and system trust values of hotels, hospitals, banking systems or almost every system using web-based feedback services through the Internet.
TAST is a web-based application program using PHP and MySQL environment.
A maximum of three administrators can be defined for the TAST.
TAST program enables the comparison of trust values of the objects.
Design, plan, conduct and self-evaluate 4 exercises for HCP, WP, CBRN detection and sampling, flood rescue using boats, AMP/S, TAST, experts of a EUCPT as well as other capacities of the voluntary pool
Design, plan, conduct and self-evaluate 5 tabletop exercises for key personnel of civil protection modules, TASTs, experts of a EUCPT as well as other capacities of the voluntary pool
Nasdaq: TAST or "Carrols") today announced that its Board of Directors has given final approval to the spin-off of Fiesta Restaurant Group, Inc.
Koch and English taught attendees how to complement specific tasts with various styles of beer.
economy continues to expand too rapidly for the tasts of some monetary policymakers within the Fed, according to some analysts.
He's also had a tasts e of a title fight, taking on Frenchman Hugo Kasperski for the WBC youth title in Geneva in 2010.