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TATOOTesting and Analysis Tool for Object-Oriented Programs
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The Tatoo helmet passes the standard, and then says Pulsium, offers further protection beyond that envisaged by the legislators.
A continuacion los gaiteros hicieron un trato con las autoridades del Museo de las Intervenciones, quienes accedieron a prestarles un espacio para ensayar a cambio de que interpretaran mensualmente el tatoo.
It's not as though he wasn't absolutely exhilarated when she rolled him over and used colored pens to draw a tatoo on his butt.
He rolls down one of his sleeves to hide a tatoo that shows a pit bull terrier tearing apart a bunny rabbit.
Their library includes: Tatoo Generation, an incredible visual exploration into the social and cultural impact tattoos and body modifications are having in the U.
Tenders are invited for Improvement/upgradation of road surface by way of P/L 40mm thick Dense Bituminous Concrete to Bemina-Budgam road from Tatoo Ground to Byepass Chowk, Srinagar.
The latter asked a tatoo artist to write out the whole of the Bible on his back - and, after being told it wouldn't fit, asked: "Even if you left out the bad parts?
Esta es la secuencia a la violentamente exitosa The Girl With a Dragon Tatoo, y se basa en el segundo de la trilogia en superventas del autor sueco Stieg Larsson.
ROYAL TATOO Weekley lights up Royal Birkdale; HOME AND DRY Monty kept his head to shoot 73
She has a butterfly tattoo on her shoulder and another butterfly tatoo on her lower back.
Tattooist Kouri Montana who runs Tatoo U in Whitchurch Road, Cathays drew a Celtic cross design for a client and when he burned it with chemicals to see the effect, the face appeared.