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TATPTriacetone Triperoxide (explosive; aka peroxyacetone)
TATPTeaching Assistants' Training Program (University of Toronto; Canada)
TATPTexas Assistive Technology Partnership
TATPTerry and the Pirates
TATPTechnical Acceptance Test Plan
TATPTotal Asset Turnover Period
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Hassan, of Sunbury, Surrey, denies attempted murder and using the compound TATP to cause an explosion likely to endanger life.
Their plan had been to load the vans with large quantities of TATP together with flammable gas canisters to perpetrate a major attack or series of attacks, most likely in Barcelona but maybe elsewhere in Spain, too, or even France.
TATP was used in the 7/7 bombings in London as well as the attacks in Paris in November 2015.
Detection of TATP is difficult but some technologies are emerging.
Ahmed El-Alfi, founder of TATP, looks forward to creating a hub where entrepreneurship and creativity can thrive in the heart of Cairo: "The Greek Campus will not only act as technologically advanced office spaces but also as a center for creative minds, startups, and technology multinationals to work, meet, and collaborate.
TATP has been implicated in a number of terrorist plots in the past decade.
The terrorists were preparing a bomb similar to TATP used in attacks in Istanbul in 2003.
Chemists have developed a sensor that reacts to minute amounts of TATP, an explosive favored by terrorists because it is easy to make and difficult to detect.
In July and August, he purchased large quantities of components necessary to produce TATP and twice checked himself into a hotel room near Denver, where bomb-making residue was later found.
They had been under surveillance by PET for some time and are accused of manufacturing TATP for the purpose of targeting tourist destinations in Denmark and a location in Pakistan (Agence France-Press, 2008).
Police arrested the two men after security guards found a substance believed to be triacetone triperoxide, or TATP, on a plastic bag that one of them was carrying.
This information was not immediately acted on, and the student was able to manufacture over 3 pounds of TATP in his shared apartment.