TATTOTeaching Assistant Training and Teaching Opportunity
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Consequently, TATTO participants are required to receive training that directly coincides with classroom teaching.
Experiences in the TATTO program have forced the students to evaluate and discuss the balance between teaching and research, which have often guided students toward the type of academic environment in which they would be most satisfied.
In the political science department, most graduate students meet their TATTO Teaching Assistant requirement by serving as a TA for an introductory American government class.
The biggest challenge in this stage of TATTO is ensuring that faculty members provide consistent, constructive evaluations of students' teaching.
The political science department's TATTO coordinator is taking several steps to increase the likelihood that graduate students are formally evaluated.
Therefore, if observations do not take place, graduate students will be at a disadvantage in competing for a Dean's Teaching Fellowship, the final stage of the TATTO program.
As in the earlier stages of TATTO, teaching associates receive considerable feedback.
In 1993, the Graduate School established a fifth stage in the TATTO program, the Dean's Teaching Fellowship, to recognize graduate students who have demonstrated exceptional ability in and dedication to teaching.
Emory's TATTO program utilizes the resources of the entire university to teach graduate students how to teach.