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TATUTuition Assistance Top-Up (US VA)
TATUTeens Against Tabacco Use (aka Teenagers Against Tobacco Use)
TATUThis Girl Loves That Girl
TATUTeenagers against Tobacco Use (aka Teens against Tobacco Use)
TATUToshkent Axborot Texnologiyalari Universitetida (technological university; Uzbekistan)
TATUTactical Terrain Utilization
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Both the developers and the governments involved deny that this will be the case in Tatu City and Eko Atlantic but it is hard to escape the feeling that the general populace will be denied free access to such areas.
The old Tatu, with its clean lines and double-height ceiling, certainly did well.
Para realizacao do presente trabalho utilizou-se um esqueleto de tatu, da especie Priodontes giganteus (tatu canastra).
The BBC has quoted Shapovalov as admitting that Tatu is an "underage sex project" designed to appeal to men in search of "underage entertainment" -- a tactic soundly denounced by child-welfare organizations.
It said Russia's entry, the controversial teenage pop duo Tatu, were robbed of possible victory after receiving 'unlikely low points' from certain countries.
RUSSIAN pop duo Tatu were favourites to triumph at the Eurovision Song Contest last night - as long as they behaved themselves.
TATU singer Yulia Volkova lost a baby at the time the controversial duo were topping the charts in Britain.
RUSSIAN pop duo Tatu are favourites to triumph at the Eurovision Song Contest - but all attention will not be on what they sing tonight.
Authorities barred the Russian pop duo Tatu from filming their new video on Red Square.
Controversial lesbian pop duo, Tatu, are being sued by the organisers of their tour which was cancelled 24 hours before the first gig last week.
SSH is committed to increasing the functionality of our encryption solutions to meet customer demand," said Tatu Ylonen, founder, CEO and CTO of SSH Communications Security Corp.
Young Tatu has been given the charge to care for her young brother Maulidi while their father is away at work.